A Fat Unicorn

The tale of a fat unicorn!

Based on a totally authentic mexican telenovela

When Deadpool discovered his fetish for unicorns and saw the amazingly fluffy unicorn backpack for the first time it was like love at first sight ๐Ÿ’•, but even better. The honeymoon phase seemed to last for an eternity. The Deadpool Cosplayer Ocr.Cosplay and his unicorn backpack Mr.Fluffelz became inseparable ๐Ÿ’ž planning many exciting adventures for the future. As in every good love story something unexpected happened.

One day Deadpool was browsing the internet. When he went to grab some Chimichangas for both of them he forgot to lock his computer. Mr.Fluffelz sneakily checked Deadpool’s browser history and was shocked ๐Ÿ˜ฑ when he found out that Deadpool had clicked on another backpack. A Hello Kitty one! This was a heartbreaking moment for the unicorn backpack ๐Ÿ’”.

Instead of confronting Deadpool Mr.Fluffelz kept all the emotions within himself. He started to eat all the EPIC LOOT they have prepared to give away at Comic Cons and Gaming events and became a fat unicorn.

Deadpool noticed that something was not right so he decided to take Mr.Fluffelz out to a long planned Comic Con. When they arrived Mr.Fluffelz suddenly disappeared ๐Ÿ’จ!


A Legendary Questโ—๏ธ

Play against the best Deadpool Cosplayer and win EPIC LOOT ๐ŸŽŠ

  1. Find @ocr.cosplay wearing his fabolous unicorn backpack @mr.fluffelz at a local event
  2. Challenge him to a Rock, Paper, Scissors duell
  3. Win the duell
  4. Select a prize out of his backpack
  5. Show off your chosen prize
  6. Take a WINNERSELFIE with him

All steps mentioned above must be completed in order to claim the prize and joining the Hall of Fame of #afatunicorn

Rules & Conditions

Play fair or be square

Now the boring part! Although we know that nobody can outsmart Deadpool, it has to be said ๐Ÿค“

Let’s get this over with:

When you find @ocr.cosplay at an event he is attending you may challenge him to a duell of Rock, Paper, Scissors in person.

  • You duel for epic loot until there is a single win for either @ocr.cosplay or you
  • You may play only once per event day for epic loot
  • You may select 1 piece of loot if you win the duel
  • You agree to take a WINNERSELFIE with @ocr.cosplay in case you have won the duel and selected a piece of epic loot
  • You agree that @ocr.cosplay is allowed to share the WINNERSELFIE on his Social Media, Hall of Fame and Website
  • You agree that @ocr.cosplay is allowed to share the WINNERSELFIE on a publicly accessible online-space like Google Drive (or other similar Cloud Services) for a limited time (up to 2 years) so you can download the picture
  • You may request to have @ocr.cosplay blur out/ put an Emoji on your face of the WINNERSELFIE by contacting him in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, or Japanese
  • People who haven’t played for epic loot have priority
  • The amount of prizes is limited, so when @ocr.cosplay runs out of loot you are unlucky!
  • Chosen prizes can not be exchanged
  • Prizes may vary from event to event
  • @ocr.cosplay may refuse your challenge

Your rights


  • You may request to have @ocr.cosplay remove your Instagram or Social Media name from content that he put online which lasts longer than 24 hours
  • You may request to have @ocr.cosplay blur out/ put an Emoji on your face of the WINNERSELFIE
  • You may request to have @ocr.cosplay remove the WINNERSELFIE with you and him on it from Google Drive or other similar services

Please contact @ocr.cosplay in any case of doubt and @ocr.cosplay will try to respond in a reasonable amount of time to your request! Thank you!