Deadpool Trivia Quiz

The Deadpool Trivia Quiz

A true test of your luck!
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Created by ocr.cosplay

The Ultimate Deadpool Trivia Quiz

The Ultimate Maximum Effort Deadpool Trivia Quiz that will not only test your knowledge about Deadpool but also mainly your luck!

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Deadpool is also known as

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Where is Deadpool from?

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Deadpool's real name is

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Who created Deadpool?

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Which universe is Deadpool from?

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What is Deadpool's favourite food?

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Deadpool has what kind of phobia?

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Which quote is from the Deadpool movie?

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The colour of Deadpool's super hero suit is

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The Katanas of Deadpool are called

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What is the name of ocr.cosplay's unicorn backpack?

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Who is the actor of Deadpool in the movie Deadpool and Deadpool 2?

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This is the ultimate Deadpool Trivia quiz! If you manage to complete it with a score of 100% I will reward you with a story shout-out on my Instagram. This Maximum Effort quiz consists of 12 questions that are related to Deadpool and also to ocr.cosplay the Deadpool Cosplayer. You will be able to gain the knowledge to answer these questions by checking out the “Everything about Deadpool” and “All about ocr.cosplay” sections of this fantastic website. You can retry the Deadpool trivia quiz as many times as you like. It wouldn’t be a worthy Quiz of Deadpool though if there wasn’t some kind of twist to it. You will see why this Quiz about Deadpool is also called a Test of Luck when you reach the final and most difficult question of them all.

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