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Inofficial X-Force Application form

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Thank you for your interest in joining X-FORCE*!

They are an aggressively expanding group of crime-fighting heroes who fight crime but also fight other stuff for money, too. Please answer the following questions honestly to the best of your ability, and incomplete sentences,

X-FORCE’s fearless and handsome leader or his blind assistant will be in touch once your application has been reviewed!

    What would you do if...:

    Which of the following situations would you be comfortable in? (check all that apply)
    a. Intensive bootcamp training
    b. Jumping out of planes
    c. Life-threatening situations
    d. Working as part of a team
    e. Making difficult moral decisions
    f. Combat triage
    g. Babysitting teenage mutant ninja turtles
    h. Starting an "F word" with your S.O.
    i. Safely driving a get-away vehicle
    j. Bee-keeping

    *Disclaimer and waiver notice: By taking this inofficial X-Force application form and holding it in your hands, hereby agree to waive all rights to suing Deadpool, Deadpool Cosplayer ocr.cosplay and Mr.Fluffelz for potential bodily harm that may occur as a result of joining the X-Force. Seriously. This is dangerous. Possible injuries and grisly deaths may include, but are not limited to: getting cut in half, twice, getting stabbed repeatedly, getting shot repeatedly, government, experimentation, memory loss, development of multiple charming personalities, losing your testicles to the queen and the queen of the underworld, decapitation, having alter egos as a result of said decapitation, getting your kissed by ressurrected presidents, having your evilest alter ego try to kill you, getting into fights with fictional and non-fictional characters, missing the zombiepocalypse because you passed out in a Mexican restaruant watching a Mexican telenovela, and don’t even get me started on child support you may or may not owe that one time in that 90s special you grew bald and seduced…

    **The X-Force Application form goes nowhere, even if you click the submit button.

    About X-Force

    X-Force is the forward-thinking gender-neutral superhero team Deadpool is recruiting for. Think youโ€™re X-Force material? Fill out the application form for X-Force above to prove it. A Superhero landing is not required but will give you bonus points.


    Where can I do the the amazing Deadpool trivia quiz?

    Glad you asked! You can test your luck here.

    How can I follow ocr.cosplay?

    That is easy. Find here all his Unsocial Media.

    Which positions are open?

    Check them out here to apply for a specific position! Speculative applications may be considered ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What kind of mugshot do I need to upload?

    Any picture that represents your Superhero. You can even draw your mugshot here. I accept mugshots in .jpg and .png format no bigger than 1MB. Otherwise I will assign you a boring default picture.

    What is the difference between inofficial and unofficial?

    “The difference between โ€œinofficialโ€ and โ€œunofficialโ€ is that โ€œinofficialโ€ is not a word; only โ€œunofficialโ€ is an official English word. Even Chromeโ€™s spellcheck flagged โ€œinofficialโ€ as being deficient in the spelling arena. (However, in an alternate universe, if it were an actual word, it would probably mean the same thing as โ€œunofficial.โ€)”

    – Some Writer/editor working in the gig economy on Quora

    How long does it take to get a response from HR?

    Hey, you! Take a deep breath and slow down. Although they are clumsy the imaginary elves from Human Resources of our beloved Deadpool Cosplayer work tirelessly with Maximum Effort to put your X-Force application through countless of file shredders first before it even has a minimal chance of reaching the email inbox of our department. Don’t expect an answer anytime soon if at all. You will only get contacted by your Banana Phone number in your submitted application if you’ve made it to the next round.

    What happens if I click the ‘Submit’ Button of the X-Force Application form?

    I dare you to try.