X-Force Application by fluffyunicornuwugirl69 - Deadpool Cosplayer Deadpool Cosplayer

X-Force Application by fluffyunicornuwugirl69



Super Hero Alias:

(Imposter) Deadpool


accelerated healing or being awesome



Position you are applying for:

#1 best man

List any relevant skills to heroic duties:

i wont die.

Q1 a. a blind old lady needed to cross the street?:

help her then show her what could have happened and get ran over

Q2 c. you gained access to time travel?:

make a real back to the future

Which of the following situations would you be comfortable in?:

  • a. Intensive bootcamp training,
  • b. Jumping out of planes,
  • c. Life-threatening situations,
  • e. Making difficult moral decisions,
  • f. Combat triage,
  • g. Babysitting teenage mutant ninja turtles,
  • h. Starting an “F word” with your S.O.,
  • j. Bee-keeping

Deadpool Trivia Quiz Result



✔ī¸ Accepted for the Position: Foot Health Gain Facilitator


Because I am a generous boss and I needed desperately a Foot Health Gain Facilitator!

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