X-Force Application by Volt - Deadpool Cosplayer Deadpool Cosplayer

X-Force Application by Volt


Super Hero Alias:



Electricty Manipulation


Planet Vegeta

Position you are applying for:

List any relevant skills to heroic duties:

I’ll off anyone for money

Q1 a. a blind old lady needed to cross the street?:

Help her in exchange for $100 or a frozen yogurt coupon

Q2 c. you gained access to time travel?:

Save Tony Stark

Which of the following situations would you be comfortable in?:

  • a. Intensive bootcamp training
  • b. Jumping out of planes
  • c. Life-threatening situations
  • e. Making difficult moral decisions
  • f. Combat triage
  • i. Safely driving a get-away vehicle

Deadpool Trivia Quiz Result



✔️ Accepted for the Position: Snake Milker


Most impressive application so far.

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